Institutional Sponsors



University of Toulouse, France
IRIT Institut de Research en Informatique de Toulouse, France
simtech SimTech Simulation Technology, Austria
plymouth Graduate School of Management, Faculty of Business, University of Plymouth, UK (http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/)
fon-logo-eng Faculty of Organisational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia
uni-namur University of Namur, Belgium
uom University of Macedonia, Department of Business Administration, Thessaloniki, Greece
TEI Kavalas Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece
hcmr Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece
CERTH Center for Researh & Technology, Greece
ATEITH Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece

Industrial Sponsors

Lumina Lumina Decision Systems (www.lumina.com)
extendsim ExtendSim Power Tools for Simulation (www.extendsim.com)
paramountdecision Paramount Decisions
1000minds 1000minds
reach REACH Consultancy
deloitte Deloitte
Springer Springer